JOCID Weeks: Journalism of development

Development journalism was the theme of the JOCID Weeks in Turku University of Applied Sciences in the beginning of March.  The course “Newswriting – Focus on Development Journalism” brought the African JOCID exchange students, the Finnish journalism students and the ERASMUS students together. During the two weeks the students also explored the theme in practice.

The course focused on the concepts of development in communication and journalism. There are different perceptions on the concept of development when it comes to the developed and developing world. One is the concept of development for the developed (first world) and the other the concept of development for the developing countries. Finnish language lacks an equivalent word for “development journalism”. Instead, the concept of “kehitysmaajournalismi” (literally “developing country journalism”) is used in the journalism profession, education and research.

It has a slightly different connotation compared to development journalism. It is journalism about developing countries, rather than journalism dealing with development issues or aiming at facilitating social change. It also refers to journalism published in Finnish media – or in other Northern countries – and as such excludes journalism produced and published by the media in developing countries. (Read more:

The course was taught by the JOCID exchange teachers: Ms. Bertha Amakali, Deputy head of department from Polytechnic of Namibia, Mr. Geofrey Aloyce, Head of journalism department from University of Iringa and Mr. Kodwo Boateng, Acting dean from Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Read the articles of development in the web publication Tutka:



The journalism students worked in international teams. The participants came from Belgium, Finland, Ghana, Namibia, Netherlands and Tanzania.



The students produced articles about development using the cross media elements: text, video, audio and photos. 



The two-week course was combining lectures of development journalism and practice: each student team was working on their own articles.



 The exchange teacher team: Mr. Godfrey Aloyce (left), Mr. Kodwo Boateng and Ms. Bertha Amakali. The course was also a new experience for the teachers: they were co-teaching together for the first time.



 We made it! Last day´s group photo. The articles are here:





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