JOCID organized a radio workshop for the volunteers of Radio Hope in Iringa

Short audio documentaries were produced during the workshop for the volunteers of Radio Hope, the radio station of the University of Iringa. Around 40 journalism students learnt the basics of radio work: recording and editing good quality sound, interviewing for radio and producing short audio documentaries.

The radio workshop was instructed by Ms. Pia Alanko, a journalism lecturer from the Turku University of Applied Sciences. The workshop was part of her teacher´s exchange.

The University of Iringa also hosted three exchange students from Turku University of Applied Sciences. Jenny Mäkinen, Nina-Maria Heinonen and Anni Pajari spent almost four months in Iringa studying journalism. They also assisted in teaching recording and editing sound at the radio workshop.

Listen to the stories made during the course from JOCID´s YouTube account.


 Jenny Mäkinen is tutoring how to use the audio recorder. The students made some recording exercises outdoors.



The first exercises were about radio interviewing.



Nina-Maria Heinonen (left), Anni Pajari and Jenny Mäkinen lectured about how to use Audacity editing software.



These are the new volunteers of Radio Hope on the last day of the radio workshop.



The workshop was tailored according to the needs of the radio station. Radio Hope´s station manager Crispin Nyomoye (left), journalism lecturers Pia Alanko and Simon Berege and the exchange student Nina-Maria Heinonen at the first meeting before the course started.


The workshop was organized 25.3.-3.4.2014.

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