Digital stories from Iringa


The intensive course in the University of Iringa collected 21 students from Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania and Finland to learn digital storytelling. Mr. Simon Berege, the journalism lecturer and the coordinator of JOCID in the University of Iringa, welcomed all the participants to the course “Digital Storytelling as a Journalistic Tool“.


During the course the students studied how to make digital stories by using audio and still pictures. The students were divided into intercultural teams and altogether five digital stories were made during the course.


The stories concern local current topics, but with an angle that also interests the global audience:

The story of Titus Mbwawa

Traditional Birth Attendant in Tanzania

Use of traditional medicine is popular in Iringa

Water pollution is a health problem in Iringa

The participants were also lucky to receive two honor guests:  Ms. Nora Stenius from the Finnish Embassy in Tanzania and professor Nicolas Bangu, the vice chancelor of the University of Iringa. Stenius and Bangu took part in the feedback session of the final digital stories.


The course in Iringa was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Finnish students Lotta Lybeck and Nella Rahkonen. They wrote a blog of their experience: JOCID-matka Tansaniaan.


Reflections of the intensive course, photos and thoughts, are also published in the JOCID Facebook page.


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