JOCID Network IV
Journalism for Civic Involvement, Democracy and Development

The objectives of JOCID IV are:

  • To identify meaningful pedagogical practices and easy access technical solutions in order to enable the integration of cross-media education in the curricula and education of the southern partners.
  • To provide new tools for civic involvement and participation.
  • To develop new practical teaching methods, adjustable to the resources and infrastructure of the southern partner HEIs.
  • To disseminate the results and promising practices within the partner institutions as well as to other higher education institutions and NGOs interested or involved in development cooperation.

JOCID Activities

  • Teacher / Expert exchange: at least 9 exchanges (6 South => North, 3–4 North => South)
  • Student exchange: at least 18 exchanges (12 South => North, 6 North => South)
  • Intensive course and Network Meeting in Tanzania (2 weeks, November 2014)
  • Dissemination Seminar in Namibia (May 2015)
  • JOCID Week 2014 (2 weeks in Turku) and 2015 (2 weeks in Helsinki)

JOCID History 

JOCID Network has cooperated since 2007. Many years of JOCID cooperation within the framework of the North-South-South programme have proven to be very successful and fruitful, and the partner institutions of JOCID are very committed to continue the cooperation. Project has already gained some remarkable results especially in supporting the African partners in their endeavors to build functional radio studio facilities and to start student radio activities.

Project Periods

  • JOCID: 1.9.2007 – 31.8.2009
  • JOCID II: 1.9.2009 – 31.8.2011
  • JOCID III: 1.9.2011 – 31.8.2013
  • JOCID IV: 1.6.2013–31.8.2015

During the previous project periods of JOCID there have been altogether 37 student exchanges and 24 expert exchanges and 3 intensive courses:

  • Civic Journalism and Community Media, 17–22 August 2009, Tanzania
  • Student Radio Workshop, 8–12 November 2010, Namibia
  • Civic Journalism and Politics, 5–9 November 2012, Ghana